The Digital Innovation Hub “Business Intelligence & Innovation” @ the Industrie 4.0 Summit Austria: small and medium-sized manufacturing companies are the heart of the European Union’s industry. These Companies employ millions of people and make an important contribution to the gross domestic product of the respective country. The digital transformation presents these companies with major challenges: Which strategies must be developed to deal with digital transformation? In which technologies must or should be invested? Which technologies will ultimately prevail? Etc.

While many managers and decision makers in these companies see the digital transformation as a chance, the needs of employees are not yet considered. Employees have an important – if not the most important – role in the process of digital transformation. Their activity and acceptance of the change of traditions to digital technologies decide about the success of the digital transformation of a company.

The workshop “The Future of Organizing: towards an Organizational Culture of Dynamic entrepreneurs, digital skills and innovation” deals with the employees of the future and which digital skills they should have/must have. The focus is on demanding and promoting of t-shaped people: dynamic and innovative employees which have an in-depth specialization (vertical skill) but also provide cross-thematic skills of the organisation. In the key-note presentation followed by a round table discussion these skills in the area of conflict between economy/industry and innovation are presented and discussed.

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Prologue: 4Steps – Towards the application of Industry 4.0 in SMEs



Business Cycles and Innovation: Schumpeter’s Dynamic Entrepreneur


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