The purpose of the International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems (ICORES) is to bring together researchers, engineers, faculty, and practitioners interested in both theoretical advances and practical applications in the field of operations research.

The ICORES conference tackled a broad variety of topics, such as Optimization in Routing Applications, Decision Analysis and Simulation, Dynamic Programming and Network Optimization, Optimization in Energy and Telecommunications, OR in National Defence, OR in Transportation, Logistics and Queuing Theory, Decision Support Systems, Optimization Theory, Project Management, Optimization Health Care and three Key Notes within the field of OR and Enterprise Systems.

FHV’s particiapant, Florian Maurer, was accompanied by the chairing of the tailored session entitled Decision Analysis and Simulation and also presented his scholarly article entitled „Business Intelligence and Innovation: an European Digital Innovation Hub to increase System Interaction and Value Co-creation within and among Service Systems„.

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Poster "Business Intelligence and Innovation"

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Dr. Florian Maurer
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