Dornbirn: A City full of Charm

Dornbirn combines traditional values and urban influences. Numerous global business players choose this area as their main base for business, while local residential areas nurture a more traditional lifestyle. In between, urban spaces flourish in a rural atmosphere, fostering a balanced development of the public and private sphere.

This small, vibrant university town has an established as well as a young cultural scene (bars, cafes, clubs, musical venues, museums, exhibitions); in addition, the surrounding alpine countryside offers various outdoor activities for sports enthusiasts on and off the mountains (winter sports, football, basketball, swimming).

The bustling Marktplatz (market square) in the very heart of Dornbirn's pedestrian precinct is the hub of shopping, café life and dining. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, it is also the site of a biweekly farmers market that offers high-quality local produce and products. On other occasions, the Marktplatz provides the setting for the famous Christkindlmarkt (Christmas market), the Martinimarkt (Martin's market) and other theme-based markets. The area around the Marktplatz also offers a wide variety of fashion stores, ranging from affordable streetwear to high-end designer fashion. Dornbirn is also home to international fairs, art exhibitions, trade fairs, as well as the biggest shopping centre in the region.

The social hotspots of Dornbirn are in immediate vicinity of each other and are conveniently reached on foot or by bicycle. Excellent local and supraregional public transport ensures Dornbirn's reputation as a green city; it offers easy access to all the town's districts and links the whole Rheintal region.

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