Vorarlberg - a hotbed of innovation and wonder of nature in the middle of Europe

Vorarlberg is located right in the middle of the Alps, bordering on Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The smallest and most western state in Austria boasts a population of close to 380,000 and is one of the strongest economic regions in the European Union. Due to its central location and excellent transportation network, Vorarlberg is an ideal gateway for European travel.

Vorarlberg is impressive for its diversity. Its greatest asset is the combination of a strong economy, high quality of life, attractive options for recreation, an interesting culture scene and breathtaking scenery.

An Innovation Hotbed

Vorarlberg is an exceedingly innovative region. Science and industry, research and society work together to bring new impetus to development. This capacity for innovation in industry and society is what makes Vorarlberg so powerful.

The great number of internationally leading companies helps Vorarlberg rank as one of the world's top regions when it comes to economic strength. Vorarlberg has the highest export quota of all the Austrian states. Approximately 54 percent of the goods produced in the local economy are exported.

A Wonder of Nature

Vorarlberg is situated between Lake Constance and the Arlberg. Within an area of just 2600 km², Vorarlberg boasts an amazing array of landscapes. This combination of mountains and water contributes to the particular appeal of the region.

With impressive alpine formations, fresh waters and inspiring cultural landscapes, Vorarlberg is a true wonder of nature. Around two-thirds of the state lies about 1000 metres above sea level and at 3312 metres, the "Piz Buin" peak marks the highest point in Vorarlberg.

The varied and attractive landscape makes Vorarlberg the ideal location for a number of different sports and recreational activities. The region is the cradle of alpine winter sports and contains some of the world's most beautiful ski resorts, snuggled between Lake Constance and the Arlberg, Silvretta and Rätikon mountain ranges. Lake Constance is the third largest freshwater lake in Central Europe and draws in visitors for breathtaking boat tours, pleasant hikes and a wide range of water sports.


More impressions of the wonder of nature Vorarlberg gives you the magazine "Poetry in Nature" of Vorarlberg Tourism.

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