The Electronics Lab (eLab) is a modern electronics laboratory, which is used for teaching and research purposes in all engineering degree programmes. In the nearby electronic workshop, long-term projects can be planned and electronic prototypes manufactured in an assembly line. The laboratory specializes in projects in the areas of electrical engineering, measurement engineering, signal processing, control engineering and power electronics.

Focal points: 

  • Fundamentals of electrical engineering
  • Electronics (analogue and digital technology)
  • Industrial electronics / power electronics
  • Measurement technology
  • Signal processing
  • Regulation technology
  • Prototype design (draft, simulation, building, test) of modern electronic circuits

Areas of responsibility:

  • Training in the entire area of electronics
  • Execution of industrial and student project work
  • Circuit design and simulation for analogue, digital and mixed signals
  • Design and production of printed circuit boards (prototypes)
  • Automatic assembly and test of circuits
  • Microprocessors and micro-controllers
  • Embedded systems
  • Measurement technology
  • Sensors
  • Power electronics
  • Energy technology
  • Control technology
  • Drive technology