Studying at FH Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FH Vorarlberg) offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in the fields of business administration, engineering and technology, design and social work & health. FH Vorarlberg is a small university of applied sciences and fosters a culture of open doors and direct communication.

A special feature of FH Vorarlberg is an exceptional lecturer-to-student ratio of 1:12. This ensures that students receive a high level of individualized support throughout their studies. Knowledge is conveyed efficiently and meaningfully in small groups. Our modern campus provides ideal conditions for learning and meets the requirements of a modern university: multifunctional lecture halls, seminar rooms, high-tech labs, multimedia rooms, a cafeteria, a café etc.

Research at FH Vorarlberg 

FH Vorarlberg is one of the most research-intensive universities of applied sciences in Austria. The majority of research and development projects are undertaken in collaboration with regional businesses and organisations working at an international level. The direct link between research and studies exposes students to current research issues early on. At FH Vorarlberg, researchers and students work in the fields of Business Informatics, Microtechnology, User-centred Technologies, Research Group Empirical Social Sciences, Energy and Digital Factory Vorarlberg.

Both the degree programmes and the research centres have an international orientation so that students and employees can gain valuable experiences abroad.

Accreditation and Certificates

FH Vorarlberg and its degree programmes are accredited for an unlimited period by the Austrian Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation. This accreditation confirms compliance with recognised standards for university studies and is regularly reviewed (=re-accreditation). One primary goal of re-accreditation is to guarantee the quality of the degree programmes.

FH Vorarlberg GmbH is Vorarlberg's largest university sponsored by the State of Vorarlberg.

Family-Friendly Company

"Outstanding family-friendly company" by the state Vorarlberg

Family-Friendly University

"Family-Friendly University" by the Federal Chancellery for Women, Families and Youth

Ökoprofit Company 2022

In 2022 FH Vorarlberg was once again certified for environmentally relevant principles and services. 

Certification Dokument evalag

Between 2. and 4. 3. 2016 the quality-management-system of FH Vorarlberg was peer-reviewed by evalag (Evaluationsagentur Baden-Württemberg). Based on a positive review, the accreditation commission of evalag certified the quality-management on 19. 9. 2016. 
The certification is valid until 18. 9. 2023.

CHE Ranking

Every year we participate in the CHE university ranking.
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