Degree programmes

FH Vorarlberg offers full-time and part-time degree programmes in Business Administration, Engineering and Technology, Design and Social Work & Health.


In the 2018/19 academic year, 1378 students were enrolled at FH Vorarlberg (590 women and 788 men). To date, 5150 academic degrees (diplomas, Bachelor's degrees and Master's degree) have been awarded by FH Vorarlberg.


FH Vorarlberg has six research centres: the Microtechnology Research Centre, the Project and Process Engineering Research Centre, the User-centred Technologies Research Centre. the Social  and Economic Sciences Research CentreEnergy Research Centre and the Digital Factory Vorarlberg.


The campus at FH Vorarlberg was expanded in 2005 and now offers students state-of-the-art seminar rooms, multimedia lecture halls, computer pools, and a café and a cafeteria with seating for over 250.


Students have the opportunity to work at approximately 300 computer workstations. The computer rooms have more than 160 different software applications available for use. The workstations are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The library collection comprises 76,000 media items (books, periodicals, DVDs, CD-ROMs, audio CDs and more than 200 magazine subscriptions. The library's holdings focus on economics, design, technology and social sciences. The online collection contains reference and full-text databases, several thousand e-journals and more than 26,500 e-books. Covering an area of close to 900 m2, the library comprises an open stacks area with 13 research stations, a reading room with 40 workstation, 11 study cubicles, a classroom with 12 PC workstations as well as a journals area and cafeteria.

International Office

FH Vorarlberg has established collaborative relationships with 119 universities around the globe in order to facilitate the mobility of its students, faculty and staff.

Incoming students study year 2017/2018: 99 Incomings
Outgoing students study year 2017/2018: 114 Outgoings
December 2018

Continuing Education

As the Science and Continuing Education Centre for the State of Vorarlberg and FH Vorarlberg, Schloss Hofen offers continuing education and Master's programmes, some of which are conducted in cooperation with domestic and foreign universities.