Rankings, Certificates and Awards (2012 – 2017)

CHE Ranking 2017

The bachelor’s degree programme Engineering and Management is nominated in all categories in the leading group.
Excellent results for the bachelor’s degree programme Social Work. The programme is nominated in the leading group.
International Business students graded their studying conditions with 1,7.

Award "Family-Friendly Company" 2016 – 2017

The Federal State Government of Vorarlberg awards the FH Vorarlberg with the label “Excellent Family-Friendly Company”

Science award Vorarlberg 2016

Dr. habil. Dana Seyringer, PhD, Research centre Microtechnology

InnoWard 2016

Prof. (FH). Dr. Willy C. Kriz, Business Faculty

CHE-Ranking 2015

The bachelor’s degree programme Computer Science is nominated as one of the top three degree programmes in Austria and ranks in the top-five for german-speaking countries

Austrian Environmental-Education Award

The media platform “Ethify Yourself” wins the Austrian Environmental-Education Award

Green Meeting Certification

The event “Check It Out” of FH Vorarlberg receives the first “Green Meeting” certification

Diploma Supplement Label

The FH Vorarlberg receives the Diploma Supplement Label, awarded by the European Commission, for the third time

National Award for Family-Friendly University of Applied Sciences-Politics

The Federal Ministry for Family and Youth awards the FH Vorarlberg with the label “Family-Friendly University of Applied Sciences”

Format-Ranking 2014

Best Austrian University of Applied Sciences in the field of Technology
2nd rank for the bachelor’s degree programme Mechatronics

CHE–Ranking 2014

The bachelor’s degree programmes International Business, InterMedia, Social Work, Engineering and Management in the top group

National Award for Innovation 2013

Special award VERENA for Thien eDrives GmbH in cooperation with the FH Vorarlberg

Format-Ranking 2013

150 staff managers of leading companies evaluate and consider the Technology degree programmes of the FH Vorarlberg to be the ones with the best chances for job entries
1st rank for the bachelor’s degree programme Computer Science – Software and Information Engineering
3rd rank for the master’s degree programme Energy Technology and Energy Economics

CHE-Ranking 2013

Bachelor’s degree programme Mechatronics – best University of Applied Sciences Mechatronics degree programme in Austria

CHE-Ranking 2012

Bachelor’s degree programme Computer Science – best degree programme in Austria Software and Information Engineering

Presentation of ECTS-Labels

Outstanding achievements in the practical fields of performance recognition and transparency

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