Terms of Participation "Story of encouragement in the Corona crisis"

  1. Tell us your very personal courage story in the Corona crisis. How do you spend your day? How do you keep in touch with your family and friends? How do you stay fit? What do you enjoy in times like these? …
  2. All incoming and outgoing students in spring (summer) semester 2020 are eligible to participate.
  3. Send us a digital photo for which you have unrestricted copyright and rights of use and whose subject is not contrary to the legal provisions of the country of origin and the European Union and does not infringe the personal rights of the person/s depicted. Participation in the competition is only possible by submitting your photo by email. Submissions by post or any other means will not be considered. Only one photo per participant is allowed. Send your digital photo until Sunday 10th May 2020 to isabella.kuster@fhv.at.
  4. Participation is free of charge. Transmission or mobile phone costs may, however, be incurred by the participant. There are no hidden follow-up costs.
  5. Participation in another person's name or under a false name is not permitted.
  6. After the closing date all submitted photos and statements will be published on the Facebook page of the International Office and/or on Instagram.
  7. FH Vorarlberg reserves the right to delete submissions that grossly deviate from the subject specifications. No notification will be given that an image has been deleted.
  8. By participating in the competition and submitting a photo, you grant FH Vorarlberg unrestricted, non-exclusive, and free rights to use your photo as well as your name and the name of your degree programme etc. for PR work. This includes the possible publication, duplication, illustration and distribution of the photo for the purposes of University advertising and promotion by FH Vorarlberg as well as any necessary image processing. This permission includes the use of the submitted photo for presentation in exhibitions, publication on the Internet and social media, inclusion in other publications, including publication by third parties in press reports, the presentation of the services offered by FH Vorarlberg and use in brochures, presentations and posters.
  9. Any further commercial use requires the separate consent of the participant.
  10. By participating you confirm that you are the author of the submitted photo and thus have unlimited rights of use for the photo. Furthermore, you confirm that the photo you have submitted is free from third party rights; in particular, that all identifiably depicted persons agree with the uses stated in these Terms of Participation and that these uses do not violate the intellectual property rights of third parties (the photo does not contain any protected content, such as logos or depictions of other persons who have not fully agreed to the intended use about which they were informed). You agree to release FH Vorarlberg from all possible third-party claims. If claims, such as compensation for use of works or other claims for damages or injunctive relief are asserted by third parties due to violation of their personal rights, copyrights or other exclusive rights, the participant shall indemnify and hold FH Vorarlberg harmless in this respect, i.e. the participant shall reimburse FH Vorarlberg for all costs incurred in this regard.
  11. When publishing submitted photos, your full name will always be used to identify you as the author.
  12. You assure that the contents of the transferred image file do not breach current (Austrian) norms. FH Vorarlberg reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition if the terms of participation are violated or if their entries contain illegal or offensive content or serve commercial purposes.
  13. No fees or remuneration shall be paid for the publication of photos within the framework of the stated terms of publication.
  14. A withdrawal of a photo from the competition is possible at any time by requesting the deletion of that photo. Participation in the competition is cancelled as a result. Please contact Isabella Kuster (+43 5572 792 1204, isabella.kuster@fhv.at). Please note that it is not possible to delete the winning photo.
  15. By sending a photo and statement you declare your agreement with the Terms of Participation and the privacy policy of this photo competition. Legal recourse is excluded.