The library is a core area of FH Vorarlberg. Its purpose is to serve as the academic library for research, teaching and study at FH Vorarlberg. In keeping with this mission, it functions as the regional place for the dissemination of literature and information. It makes an important contribution to the development of FH Vorarlberg and the region as a navigator of knowledge.


We provide services in the procurement, organisation and dissemination of information. We offer a collection of media on the subjects of the economy, technology, design and social sciences based on the needs of our users. We provide a place for learning and communication that also offers all relevant forms of media for our users.


We hope to create new opportunities in the information society and respond to new challenges with an open mind. We wish to create new paths in our modern information society.
We strive to make contact with our users, seek cooperation and exchange of information with our lecturers and the students at FH Vorarlberg.

General information about the library