Phrase search

Use to search for more than one term in a precise sequence using quotation marks
Example "Fachhochschule Vorarlberg"

Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT (written in uppercase!)

Use to combine search terms

ANDsearches for hits that contain all of the search terms
Example marketing AND tourism (searches for hits containing both the term marketing as well as the term tourism)
ORsearches for hits that contain one of the search terms
Example college OR university (searches for hits containing either the term college or the term university)

When searching for certain topics, it is helpful to enter the terms in both German and English and combine these using the OR operator.

NOTsearches for hits that do not contain the search term that appears after NOT
Example president NOT obama (searches for hits containing the term president but not the term obama)

In some circumstances, relevant hits may be excluded when using the NOT operator.

Filter options

When there are a lot of hits in the results of a search, these can be narrowed down by selecting the appropriate fields in "Refine your search" on the left-hand side.


Wildcards are used as placeholders

for any character; this is useful when there are alternate spellings
Example Tos?ana for Toskana, Toscana
for any number of characters
Example comput* for computer, computing, computers, computational etc.