As a center of excellence for innovative and application-oriented technology, the Faculty of Engineering links academic teaching and inter-company research with companies and institutions in the region. In this way, the faculty contributes to strengthening the innovation, attractiveness of employers and competitiveness of the companies in Vorarlberg. The focus is on mechatronics, electrical engineering, computer science, energy systems and environmental technology.

The mainfocusofteachingincludesin particular:

  • Development, managementand furtherdevelopmentoftechnicallyorientedcourses
  • Conductingcourseswithtechnicaland selectedtechno-economiccontent
  • Training oftechnicalspecialistsand managersforcompaniesand institutionsin theregion


The faculty lecturers are involved in research projects together with colleagues from the research centers of the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. The research mostly takes place within the framework of third-party funded projects and is carried out in interdisciplinary teams. A particularly intensive connection exists to the research centers energy, microtechnology, digital factory, business informatics and user-centered technologies. The knowledge gained flows directly into the lessons.

Research Focus:

  • Human Machine Interface
  • Virtual Reality
  • Simulation / Modeling / Processes
  • Real-time embedded systems
  • Industrial electronics, measurement technology•Robotics, control technology and image processing
  • Sustainable energy systems and energy materials
  • Autonomous decentralized energy systems


Duetotherapid progressin EDP, itisincreasinglypossible tomathematicallymodeland simulatethepropertiesofmaterials. In manyareas, however,  youarestill dependenton tests. The laboratoriesofthetechnicaldepartmentsareequippedwiththelatesttechnologies, whichmeansthata varietyofservicesand investigationscanbeoffered: 

  • Vibration measurement on machines
  • Measurement of free-form surfaces
  • Tension and pressure testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Testing toughness using a pendulum machine
  • Material analysis using a radio spectrometer
  • 3D coordinate measuring technology
  • Machine tool diagnosis

Head of Faculty Engineering

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Ronald Mihala
Head of Faculty

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Monika Gmeiner

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Team of the Faculty Engineering