The Managing Director is responsible for the running and representation of the Company. He/she acts independently of the Supervisory Board and the University Council, except for matters that fall under the jurisdiction of these two bodies.

The responsibilities of the Managing Director are:

  • The formulation of general business guidelines
  • The setting of strategic objectives
  • The development of an annual programme, budget and multi-annual programming
  • Human resource management (HRM)
  • Research and development (R&D), including the evaluation of research projects
  • The education and professional development of staff
  • Cooperation with other educational institutions, society, and business and industry

Mag. Stefan Fitz-Rankl
Managing Director

+43 5572 792 2001


Mag. Nadine Hilbe
Project Controlling of the Managing Director

+43 5572 792 2004


Mag. Edna Fitz

+43 5572 792 2002


Beate Pawle

+43 5572 792 2000