Beyond Growth - Weaving the fabric of a new society


The symposium opens the discussion on a society that is moving away from permanent growth as an ideal. It thus traces the questions relevant to a future worth living on this planet. How will issues such as food, community, and the relationship between humans, technology, and the environment be negotiated in this society?

Different formats outline the role of design in moving toward a socially and environmentally sustainable future, and show how its value and impact can unfold.

The burning questions collected will kick off another symposium on systemic innovation in a post-growth society, hosted by the Department of Design at the FHV in June 2024.


Lecture will be held in English.


17:00-17:10 Welcome and kick-off with Margarita Köhl

Speaker Christoph Matt

In his talk, Christoph Matt looks at communities that transcend humans, relationships between different species, and other relationships that transcend humans. How can symbiosis and biodiversity lead to a more sustainable world that promotes the coexistence of all life forms and ensures a better future for generations to come?

Christoph Matt is an Austrian eco-social designer. He is the founder of Studio Matt, a nomadic design base camp for environmentally and socially conscious design based in Vienna.

17:35-18:00 Nerd Talk 1 with Christoph Matt, Nadja Reifer and Lukas Rinnhofer
18:00-18:10 Break
18:10-18:50 Speaker Jo Wills
18:50-19:20 Nerd Talk with Jo Wills and Katrin Berchtold


Panel discussion and "burning question harvesting" with the audience and all guests
Moderation: Margarita Köhl, Program Director InterMedia