General terms of use for IT Systems

With your consent at the bottom of this page, you confirm that you have read and understood the terms of use for IT Systems of the FH Vorarlberg and agree to comply with it:

  1. You may generally only use the IT systems of the FH Vorarlberg as well as the data, functions or resources associated with them to carry out work or to transfer and store data that is related to your employment or education contract as well as other contractual regulations related to work or studies. Limited use of Internet access and e-mail addresses to a small extent for private use is permitted. In this context, private activities that could potentially adversely affect the interests of the FH Vorarlberg via the external effect (of the company domain) shall be refrained from. In all such activities, the further agreed objectives, assignments, guidelines and terms of use must also be taken into account and complied with.
  2. You may not use the IT systems of the FH Vorarlberg or the associated data, functions or resources for illegal purposes.  
  3. You shall observe the applicable contractual and legal provisions (e.g. license terms of the respective system provider, (such as e.g. from Microsoft), internal guidelines and requirements of FH Vorarlberg, e.g. IT security guidelines, data protection manual, copyright law, legal provisions on data protection (e.g. GDPR, Data Protection Act). 
  4. In particular, regulations on confidentiality or data classification must also be complied with. If data are restricted to a user group, they may not be shared with others without the consent of the person responsible and/or the author(s).
  5. You may not violate or circumvent any of the implemented administrative or technical security mechanisms or make any such unauthorized attempts at all (e.g. you may not switch off the virus scanner that has been set up). 
  6. You are obliged to protect your access credentials and may not disclose them to third parties under any circumstances.
  7. You undertake to report all known or suspected security breaches or misuse of the system and the associated data, functions or resources or access data to and without delay.
  8. If you use the IT systems on your own private devices, you use these systems as well as the associated data, functions or resources at your own risk and the FH Vorarlberg excludes, to the extent permitted by law, any liability for any damage, including for data loss, computer viruses, .... In addition, internal compliance requirements must be observed). 
  9. There is no guarantee that the IT systems, including the data you have stored there, functions or resources will be available at all times or that your integrity or confidentiality will be maintained or that the functions of the systems are suitable for any purpose.
  10. You agree that logged information, including personal data, that you provide for registration purposes may be used for administrative, operational, accounting, monitoring and security purposes.
  11. You agree that such logged information may be provided to other secured partners through secured mechanisms only for the same purposes and only as necessary to provide the services.
  12. You agree that the entity or entities granting you access and the related resources/service providers shall have the right to regulate, suspend or terminate your access without notice and without compensation within their jurisdiction, and that you will promptly comply with their instructions.
  13. You agree that for the use of web-based services cookies are used, namely to store your identity during authentication, your settings, as well as to assist in error analysis and for statistical purposes, which may be used exclusively for the optimization of the system.
  14. You are liable for the consequences of your violations of these terms of use and for any damage caused by private or illegal use. 
  15. If personal data of third parties are processed with the IT systems, the data protection regulations must be complied with; in this context, the fulfillment of the information obligations must also be ensured.
  16. Backups, archiving and deletion of data must be carried out by the users on their own responsibility, insofar as FH-internal processes and regulations are not provided for this.
  17. Information on data protection can be found at

These terms of use are based on a sample provided by the GÉANT Association, AARC project, with kind permission Licia Florio, email May 15, 2018.

Status 07/22/2021