Current Update: 21.01.2021

Current information and measures of the FH Vorarlberg

The FH Vorarlberg is currently mainly in the "distance business". Only individual courses take place in small groups on campus.

The access to all buildings of the FH Vorarlberg will only be possible with the Campus Card for employees, teachers and students. The Campus will remain closed for external visitors. The library can be used contactless.

Information for students and employees

Further important information can be found in a specially created blog in Inside:

 International students
 Outgoing students


Further important information can be found in a specially created blog in Inside:

 Information about study operations
 IT Help and services for teachers


Further important information can be found in a specially created blog in Inside:



Current guidelines

Detailed information on the individual areas

Access to the campus of the FH Vorarlberg for external visitors is currently not possible.

An entrance and exit regulation applies to the entire campus of the FH Vorarlberg. Please follow the signs and floor markings on the campus.

Here you can find detailed site plans (ground floor to 4th floor): Campus plan one-way regulation

The canteen is only accessible to employees and students of the FH Vorarlberg in the mode of a "Take Away" service. Please click here for details: Canteen

Until further notice, library operations will be switched to contactless lending and returns for all user groups. Access to the library is not possible.

Currently no live events can be held at FH Vorarlberg, only in online format. If alternative methods such as live streaming of the lectures are desired, they can be implemented. If you have any questions, please contact Carolin Madlener, Head of Event Management.

Please address media inquiries to Richard Flax, MA, +43 664 823 5216

 For any further questions about your study program or university operations, please contact

FH Vorarlberg Covid registration office

Please contact the FH Vorarlberg in case of a confirmed infection in yourself, in your environment or in an official quarantine. Please send the notification to the FH Vorarlberg Covid registration team. 


+43 5572 792 2225
Phone number from Friday to Sunday
(in case of confirmed infection)

Travel Warnings (in German):
Bundesministerium für europäische u. internationale Angelegenheiten
Well-founded Information and Updates:
Current Situation in Austria and International:
Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection
Current Situation and Information Vorarlberg (in German):
Amt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung, Abteilung Inneres und Sicherheit, Fachbereich Landeswarnzentrale