Melinda project generates a participative development of a low carbon and sustainable urban, suburban and transnational mobility by smoothing the way to citizen awareness and engagement, through a better understanding of user demand and conceiving alternative/innovative modalities. Its general objective is to support policy making on mobility, air quality, territorial development, contributing to EU/local strategies. Melinda implements a social innovation approach aimed at inducing a behavioral change in the mobility; such change is targeted thanks to a very innovative bottom-up initiative that includes:

  • Better integrating of data on mobility and mobility services, and on air quality, especially at transnational level, where data are generally not corresponding and on other factors that affect mobility (such as weather conditions).
  • Real-time monitoring of mobility behaviors and mobility patterns during a test (by means of a mobile app to collect data on volunteering citizens’ movements and analytics to understand their behavior and mobility patterns in real-time). 
  • Increasing citizen awareness through the real-time suggestion of more sustainable styles and modes (by means of a mobile app to represent information, offer alternative solutions, give evidences on carbon impacts). 
  • Supporting the development of value-added services for multimodality and modal shift. 
  • Participatory policy-making/action-planning based on the test results and consistent with the value-added services, realized during a transnational open lab.

The well-amalgamated and complementary Melinda partnership will make it possible to enable a wide inter-exchange benefit at transnational level and benefit from different Country approaches to modal shift thanks to the integration of data, use of common tools and blending of experiences, as well as the combination of policy-making and action planning activity.



Project nameMelinda
ProgrammeInterreg Alpine Space
TopicLow Carbon Alpine Space
Project index number596
Project duration17.04.2018 – 16.04.2021
Project budget1.833.555,— EUR
ERDF funding1.558.522,— EUR



Insiel S.p.A.
e-Institute, institute for comprehensive development solutions
Municipality of Maribor
University of Maribor
B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH München
Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Energy Environment Agency
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences
University of Milano-Bicocca
AustriaTech Ltd. – Federal Agency for Technological Measures
Inter-municipalities Territorial Union
Energie Agentur Ebersberg München gGmbH


Prof. (FH) Dr.-Ing. Jens Schumacher
Head of Research Center Business Informatics, Lecturer

+43 5572 792 7118


Florian Maurer, M.A.
Research Assistant

+43 5572 792 7128