Although most of EUSALP regions developed S3/RIS based on EC requirements, R&I triple helix still focuses little on a transnational approach of strategic topics for the Alpine Region (AR) to better exploit economic opportunities. There is no strategic transnational collaborative framework on topics of specific Alpine importance, e.g. Digital Divide, Climate Change, Biodiversity conservation, etc., both between Public Authorities (PA), and between Academia and Business sector (BS) with limited transnational R&I on such topics. The fact that policy makers, Academia& BS are currently not always jointly valorizing elements of Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3), leads them to run at different pace holding back benefits for entire AR. A-RING will address the overall need to pool efforts in tackling major challenges with joint R&I approach steering EU Open Innovation path. Likewise, EUSALP macro-regional strategy (MRS) stresses the need to approach development challenges& potentials in wider geographical context with the overall coordination. A-RING will foster alignment between different R&I policy initiatives and institutional frameworks to effectively address societal challenges and increase uptake of strengths and assets. Innovative bottom-up process is pursued to align R&I strategies, gathering expectations from BS and innovation potential from Academia, granting citizens’ needs linked to responsible R&I (RRI) and ensuring transnational multilevel governance by developing a layer for a right policy process. Partners (PP) will elaborate a Blueprint for shared R&I Agenda (SRIA) to promote joint S3 strategy framework and, together with Observers (OBs) and Target groups (TG) will test (1) synergic and complementary collaborative approach between PAs, (2) network model between Academia and BS. A-RING will establish a shared approach with mutual recognition across triple helix and targeted transnational activities, through Blueprint for SRIA, Policy Briefs and R&I Chart.


The main project goal is to establish the basis for an effective and permanent transnational cooperation among different levels and actors, to develop shared Research and Innovation (R&I) policies for the Alpine Region (AR). The project aims to foster a mutual recognition among policy-making, clusters, research and business, enhancing an active role of R&I bodies in local and regional development and innovation in strategic topics within AR. The project will provide the framework conditions to develop joint Alpine Research and Innovation policies promoting a coordinated and transnational multilevel governance.



PPs will produce three Outputs in three Technical Work Packages WP: OT1 Blueprint for Alpine Region Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) in WPT1. Strategic element to ensure strong focus in R&I key positioning defining with participatory process a unique approach with topics prioritization, on which transnational synergic& complementary collaboration across triple helix has to be activated. OT2 Policy Briefs for PAs’ policy makers in WPT2. Implementation tool to anticipate& fast track regulations for joint S3 approach, based on pilot testing, guiding PAs in activation of transnational governance with recommendations on policy options & collaborative steps in formulating & influencing common S3. OT3 Alpine R&I Chart for Academia and BS representatives in WPT3. Supportive tool for setup of Alpine cooperation structure based on tested transnational & interdisciplinary approach, guiding Academia & BS in activating assets in a joint network to accelerate R&I results uptake.

  • Blueprint for Alpine Region Research and Innovation Agenda: A strategic document that will define a unique AR Approach for the creation of a Shared Research and Innovation Agenda SRIA, through prioritization of R&I topics for the activation of a transnational synergic and complementary collaboration.
  • Policy Briefs: Roadmap with recommendation s on policy options& collaborative steps for national/regional /local policymakers and other SHs interested in formulating and influencing a common S3, based on shared approach between Pas tested on specific strategic R&I topics.
  • Alpine R&I Chart: Action plan for transnational cooperation network among academia and business sector representatives, to strengthen AR Research and Innovation with visualisation of functional connections/relations, funding programmes and list of joint actions.

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Project nameA-RING
ProgrammeInterreg Alpine Space
TopicWell-Governed Alpine Space
Project index number848
Project duration01.10.2019 – 31.03.2020
Project budget1.350.583,99 EUR
ERDF funding1.147.996,39 EUR

Newsletter of the Interreg Alpine Space Project „A-RING“

Project partner

Università degli studi di Milano
Fachhochschule Vorarlberg GmbH
Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost in šport
Univerza v Ljubljani (Fakulteta za upravo)
Fachhochschule Kempten – Hochschule für angewandte Hochschule
Konstanz Technik, Wirtschaft und Gestaltung &Wissenschaften
Regionalmanagement Burgenland GmbH
Associazione tra gli industriali della provincia di Belluno
Regione Lombardia
Plastipolis, pôle de compétitivité Plasturgie et Composites


Prof. (FH) Dr.-Ing. Jens Schumacher
Head of Research Center Business Informatics, Lecturer

+43 5572 792 7118


Dr. Florian Maurer M.A.
Research Assistant

+43 5572 792 7128