Project Overview

The Mobility Choices project aims to make a significant contribution to strengthening sustainable mobility in the Lake Constance area.

The Mobility Choices project by Prof. (FH) Thomas Feilhauer from the Process and Product Engineering research center aims to make a significant contribution to strengthening sustainable mobility in the Lake Constance region.


Most of the traffic takes place on the street, mostly by car, due to habits and social influence. This is where the research center comes in. "With the Mobility Choices app, we get an overview of real alternatives for everyday means of transport that take into account the preferences of each individual in terms of environment, health, time and costs," explains Prof. (FH) Thomas Feilhauer, head of the project.

The "Mobility Choices" app records the routes traveled by the user with GPS tracking. It recognizes the means of transport used, analyzes the route according to the criteria environment, health, costs, and time and shows alternative connections.

The users have a variety of settings in the app to better adapt the data evaluation to their own needs. e.g. preferred means of transport, number of transfers, waiting times, route lengths, and individual priorities.

The functionality of the app is currently designed for the Lake Constance area and its public transport.


The aim of the project is, in addition to promoting sustainable mobility and the associated reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the creation of a basis for decision-making for authorities, municipalities or related institutions and the sustainable behavior change of society.

Further areas of application

The collected and anonymized data can be processed for a variety of application areas:

  • Feedback for users (changes in traffic behavior)
  • Analysis of traffic flows
  • Determination of traffic behavior in the examined regions
  • Optimization of public transport
  • Evaluation of measures in the transport sector
  • Urban planning
  • Get to know the preferences of certain target groups (e.g. commuters)

More information on the project here

App Download

The app is available free of charge:
iOS in Appstore
Android in Playstore

Funding Agency

Mobility Choices is an EU project in which the state of Vorarlberg and the canton of St. Gallen are involved. The project has been funded by the Interreg program Alpenrhein-Bodensee-Hochrhein from 2016 to 2019.

Project Partners

  • Project management: University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg (contact: Prof. (FH) Dipl. Inform. Thomas Feilhauer)
  • Institute for Information and Process Management at the FHS St. Gallen (contact: Prof. Dr. Edith Maier)
  • Kairos gGmbH, Institute for Impact Research (contact: Martin Strele), Bregenz