Meeting the Taste of the Customer

From the survey to the digital solution. A practical project with the Geiping bakery from Lüdinghausen

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W. Geiping GmbH & Co. KG from Lüdinghausen was founded in 1924. Today, Michael Geiping is the fourth generation to run the family bakery with around 500 employees and 47 branches. The branches, which are spread across the Münsterland region, are supplied from the production site in Lüdinghausen. Every day, the company bakes a variety of breads, rolls and other freshly baked goods for around 20,000 customers. There is also an on-site café with seating. The company contacted the Mittelstand4.0 Competence Centre in Lingen to jointly implement a project and drive forward digitalization in the company.



The Current Situation

Customers currently have the option of receiving a digital Geiping card in EC card format to receive discounts on regular visits. Customers range in age from teenagers to pensioners. The employees on site know the customers' preferences and wishes from their experience. However, these are not recorded by the customer's purchase. So far, the quantity, time and day of the goods sold can be tracked digitally. However, this does not make it clear which customer buys which goods how often and which goods are bought by which customer. In order to create a more personalized offering, the idea of a customer app has already been put forward. This was accompanied by a test phase and an external service provider. However, the response from customers was poor.

"The current challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic are, for example, the lack of in-store visits, the lengthening of sales processes and the shortening of customer contact," explains Michael Geiping. However, the crisis also presents an opportunity to rethink tried-and-tested processes and create new added value for customers, Geiping continues.



The Project

The aim of the project is to redesign Geiping Bakery's ordering and payment process on the customer side. The still analog process with an order and a card or cash payment at the counter is to be supplemented by a digital solution. In order to find out what added value customers want and which digital channels and processes they accept in order to receive this added value, the opinion of customers is required. The added value of the digital solution could be, for example, personalized offers, the simplification and acceleration of payment and ordering processes and a more sustainable production of goods. The results of a survey should provide an indication of how a digital solution needs to be designed in order to offer the desired benefits. Based on the findings, an implementation concept for the establishment of a mobile solution is to be developed during the project, which is based on the wishes of the customers from the outset.


Further Details

Support Program:

This project was carried out by the Mittelstand4.0 Competence Center Lingen as part of the Mittelstand4.0 initiative of the BMWK Ministry (Germany)

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