SCADA/Machine networking/IoT solutions

The networking of machines, systems, workpieces and products is an important cornerstone of digitization. It is the starting point for advanced solutions, such as the development of an entire digital production network, data collection and analysis, the creation of plant dashboards and information systems, maintenance forecasts, anomaly detection or intelligent order and capacity planning systems.

Modern machines already offer digital interfaces which can be interlinked through various protocols (for example OPC/UA, MQTT, MODBUS, etc.). Simpler, older machines or internal developments and products can be equipped or retrofitted with sensors for recording measurement data. Various methods are available for integration and data acquisition. Larger systems can, for example, be interlinked and controlled via SCADA systems, while a connection to a cloud provider via edge devices often makes sense for smaller and distributed systems. In some situations, it is also necessary to create your own drivers to network the controllers.

The research center Digital Factory Vorarlberg will gladly support you in all questions regarding digital networking or designing of tailor-made IoT solutions. We would be happy to demonstrate various sample solutions in our test laboratory.

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