Energy Research Centre

The state of Vorarlberg is a showcase for energy topics. The Illwerke VKW Professorship for Energy Efficiency strengthens this pioneering task. It also serves as a key contact for energy research in the state of Vorarlberg.

Our energy research center is divided into two research groups that focus on three topics each:

Material- and Energytechnologies

  • Energy Storage Technologies:  We investigate physicochemical processes for alternative energy storage technologies.
  • Solution-Processable Semiconductors:  We develop, characterize and optimize solution-based semiconductors for optoelectronics and energy conversion.
  • Tomography & Simulation:  We research microstructured materials for energy system applications, with specials focus on tomography-based simulations of transport phenomena.

Energysimulation and -components

  • Integration of Renewables:  We investigate methods to facilitate the integration of renewable energy generation.
  • Autonomous Load Management:  We develop autonomous algorithms and devices for load management of energy components.
  • System Dynamics:  We investigate the impact of autonomous components on energy systems.


Services and studies
The illwerke vkw endowed professorship for energy efficiency offers a range of services. Especially tomographic scans and commissioned studies in the field of energy technology and energy efficiency. If you have inquiries about scans or other investigations, please contact the head of the research center, Prof. (FH) Dr.-Ing. Markus Preißinger (

Contact persons research centre Energy

Markus Preißinger

Dr. Markus Preißinger
Head of Research Centre

+43 5572 792 3801

Helena Gössler

DI Helena Gössler

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