In December 2018, the Austrian Council of Ministers - based on the EU's "Clean Energy Package" (Art. 22 of Directive 2018/2001 "RED II") - decided to draft the "Renewable Energies Act 2020". The package of measures includes, among other things, the expansion of the energy communities beyond property boundaries.

Project Goal

Based on the results of the project on "Dynamic Simulation of a Local Energy Community" (LEC), the integration of biogas cogeneration plants will be investigated in a next step. Due to the flexibility of such plants, it is possible to adapt the generation profile to the load profile of the LEC participants within a certain range. This allows the amount of electricity supplied to the LEC to be optimized and a better profitability to be achieved.  Based on an example community, different scenarios with real and standardized load profiles are balanced over one year with a resolution of ¼ h and economically analyzed with different tariffs.  The energy production from LEC and grid imports are divided proportionally between the consumers, and the surplus production is allocated proportionally between the grid and LEC.  This provides a possible dynamic billing option, and the individual revenues and cost savings can be quantified.

The project partner "Energiewenden" will also evaluate detour or environmental profitability, such as humus formation, better carbon sequestration, preservation of biodiversity or increased water retention capacity in the soil.

The findings from this project are intended to help maintain biogas cogeneration plants that are no longer financially viable when the fixed feed-in tariffs expire.

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