Mission statement of the Energy Research Center

Our vision:

  • We are part of Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences:
    As a research center at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, we help to reach the goals of the University with our effort in science and teaching.
  • We are an esteemed energy research institute in Austria:
    We develop solutions in energy technology, which are nationally and internationally in demand. Thereby, we contribute to the “Energieautonomie Vorarlberg 2050” and support industrial partners in their research and development tasks.
  • We are an internationally visible research center:
    We conduct research with the goal of a sustainable energy future and we aim to be internationally visible in specific research fields. To that end, we collaborate with international research institutes.

Our mission

  • We justify the trust placed in us:
    By using our resources in a responsible manner, we justify the trust of our founder, our partners and the public authority.
  • We see our teaching mission manifold:
    We support our students so that they can acquire not only the technical knowledge but also the critical thinking that is necessary to be successful and constructive in a versatile energy sector.
  • We work as a heterogeneous team:
    In our team, we unite people with different scientific and cultural background, different methods and ways of thinking. We value diversity and create original and exceptional ideas and solutions together.
  • We communicate our scientific findings:
    We publish our scientific work in internationally renowned journals and discuss our ideas with experts on conferences.
  • We shape the energy future:
    We conduct intensive research on seminal technologies and develop implementable short-term solutions at the same time.

Our principles:

  • We cultivate a cooperative and open working atmosphere.
  • We allow the necessary time for deep scientific work.
  • We enjoy our work and our topics inspire us.
  • We develop ourselves personally and as a team by critical reflection.
  • We respond flexible on arising new challenges.
  • We assess our knowledge realistically.
  • We aim for highest quality for ourselves and, thereby, for our partners.
  • We rate ourselves based on our performance instead of our working hours.
  • We enjoy our leisure time and, consequently, gain new energy for our work.