We investigate methods to facilitate the integration of renewable energy generation

Usage of renewable energies is indispensable for a sustainable future. During the last years, renewable energies have experienced a great boom due to fading resources, the climate debate, nuclear disasters and new legislation.

However, renewable energy systems strongly depend on the volatile energy supply of sun, wind waves and tides. These fluctuations are a great challenge for the existing and historically grown energy grids.

To increase the share of renewable energy usage, we have to control and regulate on the supplier and the consumer site so that systems, facilities and components can be operated in an optimal manner.

Currently, we investigate the flexibility of renewable generation plants in general and with biomass fired combined heat and power plants in particular. On the component side we focus on the control of consumers like service water heating systems with the goal of increasing the self-consumption of PV-units.

Shared use of a PV unit in combination with heat pump hot water boilers (WP) and direct electric heating (DE) for decentral service water supply.

Further research areas of the research centre Energy

Further research areas of the research centre Energy