We develop and optimize solution-based semiconductors for optoelectronics and energy conversion

Conventional semiconductor materials such as silicon are long and well known in optoelectronics, in particular when used in light emitting diodes and solar cells. Traditionally, these are grown as large perfect single crystals, subsequently, cut and processed into devices under clean room conditions. In their role, they are fully optimized and highly efficient but also expensive. However, what can be done if the conventional materials are too expensive, inflexible or poisonous for the desired application or simply do not have the required properties?

This problem can be solved by alternative approaches, which for instance enable the production of bendable displays or light and easy to wind solar cells. Their secret are chemical material technologies, which allow the preparation and processing of semiconductor materials from solutions, for example by printing or spraying.

We are dedicated to three technologies, which all fulfill these requirements: sol-gel processed inorganic semiconductors, luminescent or conductive colloidal particles, and conjugated polymers. Thereby, we focus on design and development of novel materials and their application in optoelectronic technologies, such as LEDs, solar cells, sensors, and also electrochemical energy conversion and storage.

Solution-based semiconductur synthesis and pocessing opens extensive opportunities for material design and new applications