We develop technologies for water treatment and energy recovery based on sorption processes

Sorption processes are known for decades and are successfully and also economically applied in engineering sciences. However, they are not as wide spread in energy applications although their connection to thermal energy offers a wide range of opportunities. In particular, the use of industrial waste heat to increase the energy efficiency of industrial processes is an attractive field.

We apply our expertise in the simulation of heat transfer and mass transport, in the investigation and evaluation of thermal energy technologies and in the development and optimization of lab-scale and demonstration units, to make sorption technologies ready for the market.

At the moment, we emphasize on thermal water treatment based on humidification dehumidification technology. With this process, desalination based on solar energy as well as treatment of industrial waste water based on industrial waste heat is possible. Furthermore, we investigate sorption as an opportunity for waste heat recovery of energy sources on low exergy levels.

Der Be- und Entfeuchtungsprozess nutzt überschüssige thermische Energie, wie Solarenergie oder industrielle Abwärme, um Meerwasser zu entsalzen oder industrielles Abwasser aufzubereiten.

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