We investigate the impact of autonomous components on energy systems

Due to communicative networking for example based on smart grid technologies, electric energy supply and electric grids are undergoing extensive changes. However, this raises opportunities like an improved regulation and control of grid operation.

In this context, controlled operation of inhomogeneous and distributed storage technologies like electric vehicles, stationary battery systems and thermal energy storages can help to improve the integration of strongly fluctuating and decentral renewable energy generation. High time resolution that allows describing the constantly increasing system dynamics is crucial for this. For this purpose, we develop models for single components as well as for the superior energy system.

Exemplarily, we model systems consisting of PV unit, stationary electric storage unit and realistic electric distribution grids. Based on the coupled simulation of the components and the grid, we can describe and evaluate the influence of different strategies.

The dynamics of the electrical distribution network will present us with enormous challenges in the future. We are addressing these in our research and development.

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