The bulk of all energy related processes involve thermal energy conversion. We particularly focus on radiation transfer phenomena.

Solar Chemistry

Solar Thermochemical Fuel Production

Solar thermochemistry is an emergent process technology, where concentrated solar energy is used to drive endothermic chemical reactions at elevated temperatures. Its most promising application is the production of carbon-neutral fuels, e.g., via solar thermochemical water splitting or via the solar thermochemical upgrading of carbonaceous fuels like waste or biomass. The emphasis of our research lies in fundamental heat and mass transfer phenomena in solar thermochemical reactors and in the development and testing of novel reactor concepts for solar thermochemical processes.

Radiative Transfer


Heat transfer via thermal radiation plays an important role in many energy applications. It is the dominant mode of heat transfer in high temperature applications such as many combustion processes and solar thermochemistry. Furthermore, since it does not require a medium, it is present even in situations where conduction and convection are non-existent such as cryogenic and space applications.

We have developed a highly versatile Monte Carlo ray-tracing code for arbitrary surface exchange. The code is available freely upon request, if you are interested, please contact



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