In material testing and failure analysis the workpiece to be tested is typically not directly accessible to the analysis method. A sample has to taken and prepared. This procedure has to take into consideration the specific requirements of the subsequent analysis method. Inadequate probe preparation often leads to wrong conclusions. Therefore proper preparation procedures are a prerequisite for the correct interpretation of measurement results.


  • Complete sample preparation
  • Cutting and cold splitting of large samples
  • Cold and warm embedding
  • Grinding, polishing, etching
  • Subsequent analysis with optical and electron microscopy

Fields of Application

  • Investigation of the microstructure of metallic materials
  • Quality control of welding seams
  • Investigation of fiber-reinforced materials
  • Thickness measurements of films


  • Manual wet cut-off machine: Struers Labotom-3
  • Automatic hot-mounting press: Struers LaboPress-3
  • Grinding and polishing machine: Struers LaboPol-5
  • Lapping and polishing machine: Logitech PM5
  • Linear precision saw: Buehler Isomet 4000

Kontaktperson aus der Forschung

Heinz Duelli

Prof. (FH) Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Heinz Duelli
Scanning electron microscopy, materials and damage analysis

 +43 5572 792 1008