In April 2005 the Research Center moved into an ISO class 5 clean room with approximately 240 m² of floor space. 150 m² of laboratory floor space with flow boxes are also available.


  • EVG 101 resist processing system (lacquer unit, 2 hotplates, spray developer)
  • Süss MA6 / BA6 mask and bond aligner with 365 nm and 193 nm light source
  • Various ovens and hotplates

Laser Ablation

  • Laser Structuring System: microSTRUCTvario von 3DMICROMAC
  • Lambda Physik LPF 220 excimer laser for 193 nm
  • Spirit - High Q Laser / Newport femtosecond laser
  • 2 Newport xyz precision positioning instruments (100 nm)
  • Scanlab scanner
  • Vacuum chamber with spectrometer

Sputter units

  • Oerlikon LLS EVO


  • Adixen AMS 100 DSE plasma etching unit
  • Wet etching bench with 4 etching basins

Thermal Oxidation

  • Programmable diffusion oven - model PEO 604 (ATV Technologie GmbH, Germany)


  • Scanning Electron Microscope: JEOL JSM-7100F
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis: EDAX TEAM Enhanced
  • White light interferometry: VEECO Wyko NT1100

Sample preparation

  • Manual wet cut-off machine: Struers Labotom-3
  • Automatic hot-mounting press: Struers LaboPress-3
  • Grinding and polishing machine: Struers LaboPol-5
  • Lapping and polishing machine: Logitech PM5
  • Linear precision saw: Buehler Isomet 4000