Research Centre Process- and Product-Engineering

The Research Centre Process- and Product-Engineering works, amongst many others, on the following topics: the prediction of turnover for producing companies, the reconciliation of the flow of goods and information, market credit risk control in banks, resource scheduling for water power plants, the organisation of contractual partnerships in product development and the improvement of flicker detection algorithms defibrillators.

The term process-engineering is defined as labour that improves corporate processes of all kinds, for example, in the following fields of expertise: production, planning, developing and service.

The research centre Process- and Product-Engineering deals with the creation, application and transfer of innovation. Experts work in three groups, namely Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Economic Sciences.

The Computer Sciences group provides model approaches in order to solve complex issues, which enable the simulation of a variety of processes. In this context, the most modern hardware and professional software environments are being used.

The Economic Sciences group analyses existing work sequences in companies by using organisational research methods for process and project management.

The Mathematics group devises forecasting models and improves modelled processes with the help of numerical optimisation processes, by using time series analysis

The scope of work of customers are executed through the interdisciplinary cooperation of all of the three groups.

In addition to the purely technical aspects of the research, also social, organisational and emotional aspects of the process are being taken into consideration, thus providing sustainable, comprehensive solutions.

Contact persons research centre for Process- and Product-Engineering

Prof. (FH) Dr. habil. Dipl.-Phys. (ETH) Thomas Breuer
Head of the research center Process & Product-Engineering

+43 5572 792 7100

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Natascha Senoner

+43 5572 792 7100

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