Research and Development for Companies and Institutions

Every innovative organisation on its way to excellence faces unanswered questions and distinct requirements that need answering and constructive acts of problem solving. Organisations often do not have access to the required competences and resources for such processes, as these are not part of their core business. Especially small and medium-size enterprises note a general absence of the necessary infrastructure.

This is often the starting point for a constructive collaboration with the FH Vorarlberg. Depending on the problem or question, potential clients may either commission our researchers with a project or initiate a collegiate project. In either case, just give us a call or send an inquiry. We are happy to advise and forward your question to the appropriate contact person.

Contact us!

Dr. Heinz Seyringer
Head of the Research

+43 5572 394159


Dipl. Soz.Päd. (FH) Hans-Jürgen Lofner, MA
Research Coordination/-Controlling

+43 5572 792 2003


Research and Development for Companies and Institutions at FH Vorarlberg