How do I place a research and development order?

Are there any unsolved questions/problems in your organisation that require professional advising or a supporting partner? The following steps of instruction clarify the course of action for such an inquiry:

  • Step 1:
    Outline your question/problem along general lines through a quick phone call or in written form. The office for research and development will then forward your request to the appropriate contact person.

  • Step 2:
    In the next step, we will clarify together, if the FH Vorarlberg has the adequate expertise for your problem, through answering questions along the lines of “Are we able to solve this problem?” and “Which sensible approach proves to be ideal for the evident situation?” During this phase, we will mutually decide whether the potential project will be edited by researchers or within the fields of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis by our students. This decision-making process is naturally supervised by one of our associate professors. In the case that we may not pose the ideal partner for your project, we will happily forward your inquiry to an appropriate expert

  • Step 3:
    When we decide to take on your project, the next step will include the definition of the exact details of your inquiry, such as: workload, potential modes of action, staff costs, etc. Another important issue that needs clarification in this step is the question, whether your project may receive potential funding: either the FH Vorarlberg will help to clarify on this issue, or the WISTO. After the completion of these reviews, the client will receive a correspondent proposal.

What are the benefits of a collaboration with the FH Vorarlberg?

For the course of the whole process of the project, the FH Vorarlberg is giving professional advice by providing a professional contact person at your service. This will simplify matters and lead to quicker and smoother solutions.

Many of the relevant questions in research projects require interdisciplinary thinking in order to answer them professionally. We naturally offer such networking collaborations by combining the clustered know-how of our research centres Microtechnology, Energy, User Centred Technologies, Process- and Product-Engineering, as well as Social and Economic Sciences. 

Contact us!

Dr. Heinz Seyringer
Head of the Research

+43 5572 394159


Mag. Kathrin Cometto

+43 5572 792 3703


Dipl. Soz.Päd. (FH) Hans-Jürgen Lofner, MA
Research Coordination/-Controlling

+43 5572 792 2003


Depending on the question, businesses can commission research centres and research groups with projects or student project works.
Call us or send your inquiry per mail. We'd like to consult you and refer your issue to the right contact person.

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