The FH Vorarlberg offers specific services in the fields of analysis, 3D verification and material testing. Please note that we only take on topics that are not covered on the free market. For certain occasions though, we do collaborate with accredited institutions.

Order Transaction
In order to smoothly transact an order, it is essential to clarify on the specific circumstances and evaluate all relevant information and data provided beforehand. Usually, orders are deducted after the completion of the work, including the hourly rates of the relevant equipment that was used in the process. If required, an estimation of the expectable expenditure can be carried out in advance. In the case that a project is difficult to estimate, due to the potential complexity of a process, a financial threshold may be agreed on; in such cases, when a financial limit may be reached during a process, clients will be informed about the results compiled up to that point. Subsequently, further possible actions will be reviewed.

What are the benefits of a collaboration with the FH Vorarlberg?
We are able to offer a manageable small team size for our collaborations, which will allow for a fast and efficient execution of your orders. Clients will find it convenient to be able to render analysis under the microscope or other equipment at various stages of the process with our experts. 

Kontaktperson aus der Forschung

Heinz Duelli

Prof. (FH) Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Heinz Duelli
Scanning electron microscopy, materials and damage analysis

 +43 5572 792 1008