Research Centre Microtechnology

The Research Centre for Microtechnology focuses on the development of microtechnical production processes and components of microsystems.

Research Centre User Centred Technologies

The research centre for User Centred Technologies deals with the design of technology and media for people. We support the development of new products and systems in order to satisfy the needs of society and minimise the limitations of users.

Business Informatics

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Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften

The research focus on social and economic sciences aims to expand empirical social and economic research and development competence in the fields of social reporting, social space analysis, human resources, soft skills and social capital, health, demography, education/further training, work and organisational development, social work research (gender, migration, social policy, professionalisation, etc.) and to apply it for the benefit of Vorarlberg and the Euregio Bodensee. For this purpose, R&D projects from the socio-economic and economic sector are realised for NGOs, companies and other regional stakeholders of society (e.g. for municipalities, administrations, chambers of labour, chambers of commerce, labour market service and other associations).

Research Centre Energy

The Illwerke VKW Professorship for Energy Efficiency carries out a range of research and educational activities in energy related areas. It also serves as a key contact and gateway for energy research in the state of Vorarlberg.

Digital Factory Vorarlberg

Industrial plants of the future are highly flexible, intelligent and adapt themselves to new production conditions. Machines, control and planning systems are networked across companies. The digital transformation presents companies with major challenges due to the wide range of topics and their complexity.

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Prof. (FH) Dr.-Ing. Markus Preißinger
illwerke vkw Endowed Professorship for Energy Efficiency, Head of the Research, Head of the Research Center Energy

+43 5572 792 3801

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Dipl.-Ing. Margarethe Blum-Prochazka
Research Coordinator

+43 5572 7923702

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Mag.a Christina Kleiser
Research coordinator

+43 5572 792 3809

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