Research Group Empirical Social Sciences

The objective of the research centre Social and Economic Sciences is to use socio-empirical research for the purpose of analysing and promoting social aspects in the business sector and society. The following three proposals are representative for its work:

  1. the analysis of social and organisational resources and utilities in the profit- and non-profit-sector, as well as in society in general
  2. customer and market research – including the analysis of attitudes, opinions, motifs, behaviour, etc. of various target groups
  3. performance evaluation – the supervision, evaluation and development of methods and projects in the three relevant socio-educational sectors health, demogaphics and education.

The services mentioned above are generated through empirical social sciences, such as standardised surveys on specific target groups, qualitative interviews, an analysis of sources, documents and literature and also communication strategies with focus groups.

Relevant subject areas are the following:

  • social reporting, social area analysis
  • human resources, soft-skills and social overhead capital
  • health
  • demographics
  • education/further education
  • psycho-social aspects of work and organisational development.

    Therefore, the research work and results of the research centre Social and Economic Sciences also aim at continuing the high quality of economic and social life in the region. Contact Research Centre for Social and Economic Sciences:

Flyer Team and Research Areas

Contact person Research Group Empirical Social Sciences

Mag. Fabian A. Rebitzer
Head of the research Centre for Social and Economics Sciences, Unit for Diversity and Equal Treatment

+43 5572 792 5307