Projects results

  • 220 representatives of the stakeholders (professionals, employers and decision-making factors in the social field from 4 EU countries) shall take part in the consultations with a view to defining the Future Skill Inventory;
  • 60 representatives of the stakeholders from the 4 countries shall take part in a 2-day Future Workshop aiming to create the Future Skill Inventory;
  • the stakeholders’ representatives of the 4 countries shall develop by means of the Delphi method, o training policy for future skills at the workplace;•80 responsible persons of the human resources departments shall take part in training programs on recruiting, selecting, maintaining and motivating policies of the personnel in the social sector
  • 40 social workers shall take part in a webinar on the impact of digitalization on the activities in the sector;
  • 260 representatives of the stakeholders shall take part in conferences and meetings to disseminate the results of the projects;
  • 500 organizations in the field, 2,000 professionals and approximately 20,000 members of the public opinion shall be informed on the results of the project.


Expected impact
approximately 1,500 professionals in the social field at European level shall benefit from the results of the project in the following 3 years.


Project titleForward LOoking SoCial EUrope Skills – FOCUS
Project leader Mag. Bernhard Gut, DSA (Schloss Hofen) and
Prof. (FH) Dr. Erika Geser-Engleitner (FHV)
Project teamGhassan Shleweet BA, MA and
Mag. Robert Maria Mossbrugger MAc
Project duration01/01/2020 - 06/03/2022
FinancerErasmus+ Program European Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects
in the fields of Education and Training
Managed budget86,911 €
Main applicantHumanitarian Organization CONCORDIA
Project partner  


Prof. (FH) Mag.a Erika Geser-Engleitner

+43 5572 792 3208


Ghassan Shleweet, MA BA
Project Staff

+43 5572 792 5309