Research Centre for User Centred Technologies

In order to make technical products and systems user-friendly, it is essential for developers to understand its users: What makes them tick? Which specific and individual needs do they have? What is their workflow? Only after answering these questions constructively, it will be possible to develop and design high-quality products and systems in a user-friendly way.

The research and teaching activities of the research centre for User Centred Technologies aim at exactly this: that developers and designers are able to better understand the users of their technical products and systems, and, therefore, create products with the ideal characteristics and functions for their specific needs. The research centre for User Centred Technologies acts accordingly to the objectives mentioned above, by understanding and interpreting human experience and behavior:

  • in rooms and buildings (Ambient Technology Research
  • with hardware and software (User Interface Research)
  • in virtual reality (Virtual Reality Research).
  • Depending on the specific fields of application, user data is gathered continuously or case-by-case, in order to: regulate control circuits (Smart Room Development)
  • optimise operating interfaces (User Interface Design) 
  • visualise information (3D Computer Animation). 

More information on the User-centred technologies research centre: