Learning outcomes in the Accounting, Controlling & Finance degree programme

Imagine: you are in a position of responsibility with a company. Business is not going well. You develop meaningful strategies and lead the company out of the crisis using entrepreneurial performance management models. A realistic scenario for you?

Today, controlling means much more than managing key figures – controlling and finance have become sources of competitive edge in business. After graduating, you are able to manage a company from a value and revenue perspective.

As a graduate, you are a leader in your field. You think entrepreneurially, independently and responsibly and you have expanded your skills in the following areas:

  • Specialist knowledge
    You have in-depth and cutting-edge knowledge in your field. You put this competence to use in an international business environment, thus achieving a competitive advantage.
  • Leadership abilities 
    You are well prepared for assuming leadership responsibilities in an internationally-oriented business field.
  • Competence in applying scientific methods in everyday business 
    You have completed a top quality academic degree programme and are therefore familiar with applying scientific methods. After graduating, you use these skills to solve complex problems in daily business.

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Jasmin Winder-Fink
Master‘s Degree Programme Business Administration

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Dr. Irene Häntschel-Erhart
Master´s Degree Programme Business Administration, Programme Director, Senior Lecturer

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