About the International Business Administration degree programme

Cutting-edge didactic elements supplement the depth of the content: in addition to course work and seminars in small groups, you study case examples, work intensively with haptic and computer-based simulation games, develop solutions in project teams and study in project workshops in close contact with companies in the region. This didactic mix provides ongoing support for your practice and tests whether you are able to apply your new knowledge and skills. Some courses involve coaching components in which lecturers provide advisory support as you work your way through a comprehensive problem assignment. Coaching is also a part of the supervision for the bachelor's thesis.

Exceptional students can serve as tutors towards the end of their programme and pass on their knowledge to younger students, thus collecting further important experience.

Weitere Vorteile:

Depending on your choice of specialisation, a wide range of career opportunities await you:


The first part is based on "building the foundation together". In this section, you learn the basics of business administration. This includes both the technical fundamentals of business administration as well as the underlying methodological and social competences.

SECTION I - building the foundation together
1. semester2. semester3. semester

20 SHW / 30 ECTS

20 SHW / 30 ECTS

20 SHW / 30 ECTS


The second part is based on "building a profile and making use of individual potential". You also round out some of the necessary basic competences. However, the core of this section is to form your profile in one of six directions for specialisation. Four courses taught by international lecturers in English, one simulation game specific to the specialisation (typically in English) and one project workshop help you as you engage with the area of focus you have selected. Your choice of electives helps you develop other personal potentials. The internship is also a component of the second section.

The closeness between Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FH Vorarlberg) and business is particularly apparent in the Integration Camp at the end of the programme, in which real-world questions prepared by businesses are presented to you to be solved in groups with other students. 

SECTION II - building a profile and making use of individual potential
4. semester5. semester6. semester
10 SHW / 15 ECTS
10 SHW / 15 ECTS

8 SHW / 12 ECTS
6 SHW / 9 ECTS
Specialisations /
Bachelor Thesis
General Electives
4 SHW / 6 ECTS
General Electives /

2 SHW / 2 or 3 ECTS
General Electives
2 SHW / 2 or 3 ECTS


ECTS: Credit points based on the "European Credit Transfer System" (ECTS). Consistent with international standards, 30 ECTS points can be earned each semester.

SHW: Semester hours per week (SHW). One SHW corresponds to 15 instruction units each of 45 minutes.

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Sabina Duelli
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Prof. (FH) Dr. Martin Hebertinger
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