What do you expect from your studies?
And how should your studies address your personal and professional goals?

The Contextual Studies at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FH Vorarlberg) provide customized courses as part of our master’s degree programmes. It allows you to pursue personal areas of interest, to do independent work and to push the limits of your knowledge and abilities in research, intercultural contexts or numerous disciplines.

The Studies in Context courses, which are offered in the second and third semester of our master’s degree programmes, allow students to mix and match according to their interests and goals:

  • Modules from the format SERIOUS-thinking from research and development:
    Research projects are your stepping stone into sophisticated research work. Follow your curiosity and use valuable know-how - for your master's thesis or for a future dissertation you may pursue.
  • Modules from the format LATERAL-thinking:
    What sparks your imagination? Independently search for interdisciplinary questions that excite you - together with other students and instructors. Innovative Classes open the door for you to develop your product concepts at the university - in small teams and with access to the laboratories at FH Vorarlberg.
  • Modules from the format FRESH-thinking:
    The world around you has more facets than there is room in your lecture notes! Expand your knowledge and discover new territory by transcend-ing scientific borders and adopting new perspectives, accompanied by students from all the other disciplines.

Students choose from a large selection of course modules that cross the boundaries between:

  • Subjects and schools of thought (interdisciplinary),
  • Cultures, languages and countries (international) and
  • Current and future research (innovative R&D).

By being active, students integrate their own questions and thoughts into the process of learning and understanding. The contextual studies help students to understand and incorporate new points of view and unusual perspectives, discover new links and to rethink connections.

Crossing boundaries and breaking new ground: while enrolled in Studies in Context courses students are able to work on cutting-edge topics and questions pertaining to the world of work and production, sustainability and growth as economic drivers, social coexistence, cultural change, values, socio-economics, security, etc.

Students in contextual studies

FH Vorarlberg is unique among Austrian universities of Applied Sciences in offering students the opportunity to mix and match courses and interests.

Here you can find detailed information about the Contextual Studies.

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