The bachelor's degree programme InterMedia

Ideas must take on a form so that people can share them. In today's world, visual forms of expression are therefore playing an increasing role. The focus of the InterMedia bachelor's degree programme is to teach the knowledge and skills that you will need for the design of communicative structures and the production of media artefacts.

Professional work in the field of design is required in an increasingly wider range of fields. For this reason, you are free to choose a specific field of activity in your education. In addition to teaching fundamental methodologies, the programme has the option for specialisation in a variety of different areas.

The InterMedia degree programme qualifies you for design tasks in just about every area in which communication plays a vital role.

The InterMedia bachelor's degree programme is made up as follows:

Starting with a question you select on your own, the InterMedia bachelor's degree programme teaches all the methods that you need for professionally analysing, designing, implementing and evaluating a project in the field of design. Each semester focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of one step in the process. The practical exercises and the theoretical input are based primarily on the question you have selected. All theoretical discussions are reviewed largely on the basis of their practical relevance.

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