Learning outcomes of the degree programme InterMedia

  • You know which methods contribute to understanding a communicative problem in all of its complexity
  • You are able to formulate precise communication goals and define the working steps necessary to achieve a specific goal
  • You know the latest methods that are useful for managing problems in the field of design
  • You are able to realise specific actions in the individual fields of design. 

The six-semester bachelor's degree programme offers you a sold and exciting education in the fundamentals of design and provides the basis for a life-long learning process.

For disciplines that require highly complex and specific expertise (e.g. 3D and film production, game or interactive design), your self-chosen area of specialisation allows you to acquire all the basic knowledge and fundamental skills that will allow you to be a part of teams and step-by-step to acquire the necessary competences.

You will acquire competences and qualifications in the following areas: 

  • Research (understanding, observing)
  • Analysis (defining the question)
  • Experimenting (finding ideas)
  • Concept & design (developing prototypes)
  • Implementation & production
  • Evaluation & project review (testing and reviewing)

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