The InterMedia master’s degree programme: the research question as the binding element across the semesters.

On the basis of a research question defined during the admission procedure, the InterMedia degree is based on the work steps of a research project:

  1. Semester - Research and analysis: Data collection, clarification of the framework conditions
  2. Semester - Conception: Research planning, determining the methodological approach
  3. Semester - Implementation: Use of research methods in specific experimental arrangements and implementation scenarios
  4. Semester – Evaluation: Evaluation process, definition of a beneficial or utilisation connection

During your studies, you will learn to apply research methods to design questions and to use these design questions to approach design as a profession from new perspectives.

Practical and theoretical work are directly linked to one another. All theoretical considerations are checked to determine their practical relevance.

The diverse content is supplemented by the latest teaching techniques.

Courses with integrated exercises, case studies and projects, seminars in small groups, coaching sessions as support for more comprehensive tasks and the master’s thesis.