Your specialisation = your individual research question

When you decide on a specific research question (= topic of the master’s thesis) at the start of your studies, you are defining the project task with regard to the direction of your specialisation. You can make a decision regarding the direction of your specialisation from both a content-based and thematic and a medial and technical perspective.

You are free to choose any direction, you simply have to agree on it with the programme director. Exciting research topics can be found in those areas in which we find open questions with social, economic, technical or cultural relevance.


Further areas of specialisation

Depending on your level of interest, you can obtain and improve other relevant skills for specialisation in the field of design within the scope of practical implementation in the different design laboratories (analogue imaging, printing and typography, photo and video, interactive, virtual reality, prototypes, text workshop, 3D animation). 

Areas in which research can be carried out:

culture – sport – education – brands – health – fashion – music – politics – telecommunications – entertainment – mobility – nutrition – sub-culture – finance – tourism – museums – identity – art – architecture – resilience – games – media – science – agriculture – wellness – medicine – security – management – packaging – retail – luxury – mysticism – utopia – consumption – ethics – comics – events – rituals – light – ergonomics – dreams – ecology – history – surface – camouflage – play – cult – taste – everyday – theatre – search – illusion – etc.