The first part of the degree programme (semesters 1 through 3) consists of basic courses. The focus here is on algorithmic problem solving and programming. The mathematical foundations of computer science, construction of computers and networks and working with databases are also important aspects of this foundational part of the programme.

The second part (semester 4 through 6) is very practice-oriented, with an internship and project work making up the core elements. In this portion of the programme you specialise in the field of distributed systems (web applications). In the sixth semester, you can choose from elective courses in a wide range of subjects, including Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual Reality, Mobile Computing or Business Informatics. Alternatively, you have the option of completing a semester abroad. 

Programme structure diagram with credits


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Discrete Mathematics65+1**
Computerarchitecture and Operating Systems76
Structured Programming107+2**
Economic Processes42
Team Building11
English 1: Academic Reading and Writing Skills *22

* Lectures in English
** Tutorials (optional)


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Linear Algebra and Calculus66
Computer Networks77
Object Oriented Programming97+2**
Finance and Process Management32
Team and Communication21
Englisch 2: Professional Presentation Skills *21

* Lectures in English
** Tutorials (optional)


Course unit TitelECTSSHW
Probability and Statistics54
Data Management75
Algorithms and Data Structures87
Business Processes and Information Management53
Moderation Techniques11
Software Project Management 22
Englisch 3: Professional Presentation Skills *22

* Lectures in English


Course unit titleETCSSHW
Object Oriented Analysis and Design108
User Centered Software Development22
Software- and IT-Security42
Web Applications64
Englisch 4: Technical Writing *22
Professional Practical Training 6

* Lectures in English


Course unit titleETCSSHW
System Architectures56
Enterprise Applications67
Systems Management56
Englisch 5: Scientific Work22
Professional Practical Training6
Bachelor Thesis6

* Lectures in English

6. SEMESTER (semester abroad)

Course unit titleECTSSHW
3 elective courses (3 ECTS / 2 SHW each) out of the following areas: *:
  • Data Privacy and Security
  • Advanced Data Management
  • Mobile Computing
  • .net Software Development
  • Eclipse Rich Client Platform Development
  • iOS Application Development
  • UML Master Class
  • Computer Graphics
2 electives seminars (3 ECTS / 2 SHW each) out of the following options: *:
  • Business Ethics
  • Software Engineering
  • Augmented Reality Project
  • Mobile Computing Applications
  • e–Business and e–Commerce
  • Information Management
English 6: Intercultural Communication *32
Bachelor Thesis *61

* Lectures in English

ECTS: Credit points based on the "European Credit Transfer System" (ECTS). Consistent with international standards, 30 ECTS points can be earned each semester.

SHW: Semester hours per week (SHW). One SHW corresponds to 15 instruction units each of 45 minutes.

Information on individual educational components

You can find detailed descriptions for each of the courses and semesters (ECTS course descriptions) for all semesters of the academic year here:

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