Electrical Engineering Dual (Degree Apprenticeship) Programme: study and work at the same time!

Just about every technology product is able to function thanks to state-of-the-art electronics and software. They allow the individual components to work together and function as a whole. In the Electrical Engineering Dual (degree apprenticeship) bachelor's degree programme, you will acquire the qualifications needed to help shape the trends in technological advances and begin your professional career already by your third semester! 

Key Facts

Bachelor's degree programme, Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)
Dual study model, 6 semester (180 ECTS)
Languages of instruction: German, 5. semester in English (on demand)
No tuition fees
Semester abroad optional in the 5. semester
An internship phase starting from the 3. semester

Contact Persons Electrical Engineering Dual BSc

Bernadette Auer, BEd
Advice & Registration — Electrical Engineering Dual BSc

+43 5572 792 5800

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Patrizia Rupprechter, MA BA

+43 5572 792 5802


Prof. (FH) DI Dr. techn. Franz Geiger
Programme Director Electrical Engineering Dual BSc

+43 5572 792 5801


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