Programme learning outcomes

Automatic information processing continues to be a very rapidly growing field. Hardware which is becoming increasingly higher performance, ubiquitous networking and digitisation, which is infiltrating society to an increasing extent, require that you are able to implement key trends in systems using software. These key trends include in particular:

  • the expansion of digitisation to almost all areas of life, particularly economics, production, administration, healthcare and transport,
  • the development from product to service,
  • design thinking to develop new services with a distinct user experience,
  • the generation of knowledge from data and the use of mechanical learning.

It is precisely because digitisation affects almost all areas of life, including very sensitive ones, that high quality requirements and security standards must be taken into account. A key qualification lies in attracting and integrating the user. Building on the skills you developed in your basic computer science course (or other related study programme), you will be taught specialised skills in the master’s degree programme in Computer Science:


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Dipl. Kffr. Jutta Büttner
Administration Master's Degree Programme Sustainable Energy Systems & Master's Degree Programme Computer Science

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Patrizia Rupprechter, BA MA
Administration Master's Degree Programmes - advice and admission

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Prof. (FH) Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Regine Kadgien
Programme Director Computer Science BSc and Computer Science MSc, Head of Competence Area Infromatics

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