Learning outcomes for the Computer Sciences – Digital Innovation degree programme

As graduates of this Bachelor's degree programme, you have an extensive portfolio of qualifications and skills:

Specialist and methodology skills

You have the ability to acquire, link, deepen, critically review and utilise specialist and interdisciplinary knowledge. Specialist and methodology skills are divided into five major areas:

  1. Computer sciences (information systems and implementation)
  2. Process management (business process and information management)
  3. Innovation (technology and innovation management, prototype development)
  4. Economics (fundamentals of economics, entrepreneurship)
  5. Science (Bachelor's thesis and examination)

Social and communication skills

Team management skills, empathy, motivational ability, intercultural competence, conflict management, team skills/cooperativeness, critical abilities, negotiating and conversational skills, reliability

Personal skills

Ability to self-reflect, learning skills and motivation, adaptability, decision-making skills, sense of responsibility, ethical competence, initiative, entrepreneurial skills, perseverance/stamina, scientific work, fluency of expression, demeanour

Transfer skills

Analysis and presentation/communication skills, judgement capacity and problem-solving skills, customer orientation, organisational skills, project management

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